Upcoming Trends in Higher Education by 2020


It is undeniable that various technologies in the educational sector have improved the education system to a large extent. It has proved benignant to the students in a number of ways. However, it has also posed some obstacle for colleges and universities at the same time.

As the students are inclining towards the online education system, a number of hurdles and obstacles are coming in the way of colleges and universities to burgeon the student’s strength in their premises. Day by day, they’re facing huge challenges like dropped enrollment ratios, fewer funds and unsatisfied students and the working staff.

So, in this writing, we will see what changes can take place in education by the year 2020.

Disentangled or Unbounding Education system

  1. By the year 2020, it is expected that the long duration courses and tough academic work will lose its continuity. As the students look forward to more easily accessible and flexible options in the educational field, so the schools, colleges and universities also working on providing the best and flexible course options to their students. Some of the changes that can take place in the coming years can be –
  2. The prominence of short degrees
  3. Just-in-time learning such as boot camping
  4. Professional learning and certifications

Less dependency on Government funding

As the issue of student loan debt crisis is rising, the schools and various educational authorities have stopped relying on the Government for funds. The cost of higher education is rising too by 3 % every year, so this is also a big question to answer.

The students and parents are fully occupied and burdened in paying the tuition fees and loan repayments. So, in the coming years, there will be less reliance on the Government for funds.

Depending on Analytics for Retention and Learning

In the coming years, educational institutions will use analytics for lesson retention and empowering learning. In the University of Nevada, Analytics is already in use, the students use these analytics to solve their academic problems. These kinds of analytics will definitely burgeon the ratio of people pursuing graduation with less academic problems.

A student-oriented system

In the coming days, the education scenario will all be student-centred. LMS i.e. Learning Management System will play an important role in managing all the educational problems of the students. The burden will be relieved from the shoulders of the students for writing the bulk of writing tasks by taking assignment help Sydney online.

Education for all

Education is the necessity of everyone. And it will continue to grow and expand in future. Still, nowadays there are issues in gender and class disparity for pursuing higher education. But it has been estimated by the educational scientists worldwide that the education access will be made to all without these issues till 2030.

Usage and impact of English language

As this world is becoming multilingual, the demand for English-speaking staff is rising and it will continue to rise in the near future too. It is expected that in the future years, other languages will also play a dominant role in getting selected to the best companies worldwide. So, the supremacy of the English language will be increased in the upcoming educational scenario.

Collaborative learning

With the advancement in digital technology and Artificial intelligence, collaborative learning can be possible which will help the students to connect with each other over distant schools. Also, the students will be able to communicate with the best teachers worldwide to take the best academic assistance.

Things on the Internet

Internet of things is the connection of devices with the internet. In the modern education system, the internet of things will have great importance. It will improvise the administrative set up of the educational institutions. It will make communication and exchange of information easy between parents, teachers and students. So, these are some of the trends that are expected to rise in the coming years.

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