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Top 10 wall designs for your homes- designed by New Dimensions.


With the season of festivals arriving you might be struggling with how you want to give your home and more importantly your walls a fresh look. A look that mesmerizes your guests and fills your home with positive energy. We at New Dimensions are experts when it comes to giving walls and homes a breath of fresh air. With our unique yet classy, modern yet funky designs your walls will not be the same anymore. We specialize in wall branding which ensures that the treatment we give to your walls is more than just a superficial look. The materials we have used in creating these walls are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals like nickel and lead. Made with durable materials that will last longer, our wall designs aren’t going to fade away that easily. 

Top 10 Wall Designs for Your Homes

  1. Let your bedroom walls be adorned with the backdrop of this beautiful wall design of the open river with the floor serving as your riverbed and your bed serving as the anchor. Sail out in the river of your dreams with your fellow sailor to catch your fish together. Let these beautifully made boats carry you to unknown horizons. A great wall design to show your guests that you prefer a beautiful art piece over just patterns.
  2. Express your weird and funky taste with these modern owls. This weird piece of art will leave your guests mesmerized. Put it on your living room wall and the reaction of your guests will be one of shock and awe. One of our funkier designs from our thriller series to give your living room a modern and grunge look.
  3. Our take on a peacock dancing with joy in the first rain of the year. It’s not the melody but the delight of rainfall that makes a peacock dance. This modern wall design with a fabulous color theme would inspire you to celebrate life and also recognize the love almighty has been showering upon you. A truly mesmerizing wall design to put on your living room walls to lift you and the spirits of your guests as well.
  4. Here is one of our wall designs for kids’ bedrooms where Ballu is dancing with his favourite man-cub Mowgli without a care in the world. Known for is laid back and carefree outlook towards life the sloth bear is often seen speaking in a soft and calm tone. Yet, in spite of his dedication to his “bare necessities”, Ballu is not above abandoning his morals and disregarding his safety for his Mowgli. Despite his appearances, the sloth bear is capable of taking responsibility should the circumstances reach a substantial level of consequence. No wonder Mowgli calls him Papa Bear. A great wall design to create a fun and happy-go-lucky environment kids room.
  5. A wall designs depicting one of the battles of Amazonomachy, one of the various mythical battles that took place between the ancient Greeks and Amazonians. In the scene depicted here, we see Hercules grasping an amazonian by her hair while he holds a club in his other hand. This amazonian is believed to be the queen Hippolyta. Behind Hercules, another Greek warrior is clashing shields with an amazonian warrior. Then there’s an Amazonian seen charging at a Greek, who is defending himself with a raised shield. He’s believed to be Thesus, who joined Heracles during his labours. A perfect pictorial representation showing the strong will of the mythical Greek hero Hercules. Wall art that is unique and has a historical theme to it. It will be perfect for your library room or your home office.
  6. This beautiful wall designs of cherubs will surely bring a smile on your face every time you’ll look at it. Guaranteed to be a great conversation starter, this wall design will bring joy during the daytime and give rise to mischievous times at night. These cute baby angels with their chubby cheeks are going to make you fall in love with them. Lovely wall design for your bedroom.
  7. This wall design is strikingly filled with vibrant colours. A design that will instantly boost the visual detail of your living room. The sunset and paddy field design obdurately will give an evergreen look to your house. The wall accents and radiant shades of wallpaper will create a great atmosphere.
  8. Increase the stillness and spirituality of your interiors with this tradition art print of Lord Buddha on a bright green background. This canvas wall design of Buddha giving his first sermon is sure to add a touch of intellect and mysticism to your room. Buy it as a gift or keep it for yourself, it is a perfect gift or wall art that can be used for any wall in your home.
  9. This ship and the ocean waves will give your room an exclusive outlook. Decorate your walls with an oceanic touch which will mesmerize your guests and raise the whole ambience of your room.
  10. With Christmas right around the corner you will be getting a lot of guests then why not gift their eyes something beautiful to look at. This wall design will go perfectly with your Christmas decorations and raise the spirits of everyone. It will fill your homes with Christmas cheer. Cheery wall design for your living room walls at Christmas.

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