Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Shares Pic with Their Baby

ryan reynolds and blake lively

A Deadpool movie Star American-Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds shares his newborn baby with his American actress wife Blake Lively. Ryan Reynolds shares a family of him and his beautiful wife carrying their baby girl talking on twitter. Deadpool movie star cover his new born girl face with smile face mask, Like Michael Jackson Used to hide his Kids Face Nobody Knows that why the couples hiding them new born baby face.

The Ryan Reynolds tweet goes viral and people start reacting on it and also start passing comment on the couple hiding the baby face. A one follower said, “Your baby has a blake’s smile. Another replied “What a Beautiful Family Picture, the looks definitely run in the family. She has your eyes.”

This is the very first time the Deadpool movie star share any his good news with his fans. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively looks pretty happy  in the picture with a pretty bright smile.

In early October, The US Weekly reported that Blake Lively give birth to her third child nearly two months prior. It was Unclear what really a couple had, a boy or a girl at that time. But in the recent tweet of the actor confirms that the pair blessed with a baby girl and they both become the parents of three beautiful daughters.

Before the couple shares the names of the other girls but this time the name of newborn baby is unknown still.

The Couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are so happy to having another baby, a source told People at the time. In 2016 Ryan Reynolds said , If I Could have Nine Daughters, I would be thrilled. Really, Like I genuinely would be.”

The Fans of ryan and blake are strongly waiting for the very first public appearance of them new born baby girl and also want it the name of new Reynolds family member.

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