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Michael Jackson New Documentary On Netflix in 2020


A new Documentary On Netflix is Coming On King Of Pop Music Michael Jackson in 2020. As we know in past leaving neverland documentary was released on Netflix and it’s create many problems because the huge number of late king of pop fans boycott the documentary and filed a lot of cases on Documentary makers and starting protest against HBO and Oprah Winfrey, and past few days back Elton John also said that Michael Jackson was mentally ill after that Michael Jackson and Elton John Fans Start massing each other on social media.

New Michael Jackson Film directed by Spanish Filmmaker Marcos Cabota  and it’s about Michael Jackson, the artist and the man.

Spanish Filmmaker Cabota  has been posting about the movie that he is working with Michael Jackson’s Family on this movie.

The main motive of the Michael Jackson Documentary On Netflix is to show how Michael Jackson was as an artist, his contribution in music and the legacy of Michael Jackson in music industry other artists.

Marcos Cabota has been posted on twitter about locations where he filmed the documentary: The Thriller house, Neverland Ranch, New York recording studio, Concerts and so many other stuffs.

On Cabota’s official website “Music Love Billie Jean” is showing as the title of the upcoming documentary. He also said that the documentary will be on Netflix around the time of the new Broadway show “MJ” in 2020 according to MJ Vibe

It’s Unclear if the Estate Of Michael Jackson was involved in this project but the fans of late king are waiting to see a very positive Stuff about Michael Jackson Documentary On Netflix to clear all allegation on him.  

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