How to organize apps in iPad


So you have bought a bunch of iPad apps. Perhaps it is a good time to organize them. There are many apps to do this . A couple include using iTune or physically dragging apps around on you iPad.

iPad to organized

To arrange apps on your iPad . touch an app and hold down  until the app icon jiggle. Then, arrange the icon by dragging them . press the home button to save arrangement. You can arrange them alphabetically .

Alphabetically arrangement.

To arrange your apps alphabetically  on your iPad

Tap to setting

Go to general

Then reset

Tap reset home screen layouta

This will make your own first page default and also to the original Apple apps. Beginning on the second page. Your apps will appear alphabetically . you will have to do this  each time you add an to keep it in or you can them after buying new apps for android and download these all and install to play these all your own iPhone.

Organize apps in folder.

As with iPhone, iPad lets you organize apps in folder ( if you have ios version 4.2 or latest)

Here is process

Tap and hold the apps till all apps did our jiggle dance.

Drag an app on top of another app.

To change the name, tap in the field at the end of the place holder name, and the keyboard appear, type on of your purpose name.

Tape any where out side of the bar to save the name.

Tap the home key to stop all  that jiggle.

An iPad can display up to 11 home screens, giving you plenty of latitude to organize your app by default.

The first contains pre installed app, other screens are created to contain any apps you download or sync to your iPad.

At the bottom of the original iPad home screen (just above the dock) , a magnifying glass icon represents the search screen to left of the primary home screen , dots that appear indicate how many screens there are and which home screen you are on sat the moment.

  • Tap the home key to open the last displayed home screen.
  • Flick your finger from right to left to move to the next home screen listen, read above dots at the bottoms screen show you which home screen you have on now.
  • To reorganize apps on a home screen , press and hold any app on that page.
  • Press, hold and best regards an app images to another located on the screen move it.
  • Tape the home buttons to stop all those icons from jiggling.

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