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Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume


Harley Quinn is one of the most favorite character for cosplayers after the movie suicide squad comes out in 2016 and get huge success. The Character Harley Quinn get more attraction in movie because of her sexy look and unique style of her costume. The Cosplayers started cosplay Harley Quinn costume in different occasions like comi-con festivals and Halloween. Her look is quite Sparkling from the others. So today we bring some of Harely Quinn Cosplay ideas. These Guides will help you for How to cosplay Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Costume

The Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Costume related from Injustice 2 video game. Harley character looks amazing in sexy and red hot appeal in black and red color jacket along with Shiny red and black color leather pant appeal with diamond pattern. The costume also contain Harley Quinn holster with Striking black leather gloves and Knee High Harley Quinn boots in black leather material these all stuffs help you to make yourself as Injustice 2 video game Harley Quinn character.

Suicide Squad Costume

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume is one of the most famous Harley Quinn Cosplay costumes .Actress Margot Robbie who played the role of Harley Quinn in movie suicide squad get huge fan following because her most sexy look and astounding costume. The Costume include property of joker satin material varsity jacket with the red and white appeal Daddy’s lil Monster t-shirt and red and blue short which easily can fit around the waistline and hips. The costume also contain some little more gadgets just like leather gloves, Harley Quinn belt with golden studs which more this Harley Quinn belt so sexy, Harley Quinn Gun Holster, Harley Quinn Baseball Bat, Puddin collar necklace and in the stylish and elegant Harley Quinn Boots.

Birds Of Prey Costume

Harley Quinn birds of prey costume is inspired from Birds Of Prey movie. Now it’s one of the most trending Harley Quinn Outfit for Specially for Harley Quinn Cosplay lovers. The Costume Contains a Pink top with Suspender, PVC  Wings Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey Jacket, Black stripes and stars Short, Tattoos tight, Sequin socks with Harley Quinn boots and Harley Quinn Hammer.

Arkham City Costume

Harley Quinn is looking much sexier in Video game Arkham City. Harley worn Sexy shirt along with skinny trouser and holding a baseball bat, but the main costume stuff is arkham city long leather boots. you can easily do harley quinn cosplay as arkham city character by following these all steps.

Bombshell Costume

Harley Quinn Bombshell Costume is one of the most attractive and famous costume which inspired many cosplayer’s to do this harley quinn cosplay. Harley worn brown leather bomber jacket along with black and red bra, a black color short is looking damn crazy with black and red long socks.

Harley Quinn Costume Cosplayer


Lisa Lou Who.

At the end we like mention one of the most famous Harley Quinn Cosplayer. Who portray this character a lot and also get a lot of applauses for her work here we present you to Harley Quinn Cosplay by lisa lou who.  

Chloe Douglas.

Here we have an another Cosplayer, Who did Harley Quinn Cosplay Pretty amazing and her name is Chloe Douglas. She also got resemblance to Margot Robbie pretty much….

Kristen Hughey

Along with a huge number of Followers on Instagram Kristen Hughey is another Famous Cosplayer, who did Harley Quinn Cosplay in a very good way. She also featured in GQ Magazine Front Page for her brilliant Harley Quinn Cosplay.

Laura Gilbert

At the last but not the least we feature laura gilbert for her remarkable Harley Quinn Cosplay Performances, She also got Margot Robbie’s look and the Major thing about her is that She also from Australia where the real Harley Quinn Actress Margot Robbie belong.

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