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Demi Lovato Snapchat Hacked, Her Nudes Leaked

Demi lovato Snapchat is Hacked!! Now she is the latest victim of her private nude photo’s hacked and posted on her Snapchat account Lovato’s team. The account is recovered now and all the nude pics is deleted, but the die heart fans of lovato is  still angry on this shameful incident and protecting and defending her image by tweeting and raising voice in lovato’s favour.

Demi Lovato Snapchat Nude’s, Fan’s Tweets

“Damn, they hacked Demi Lovato and leaked her nudes smh. People are sick these days, why don’t y’all hack fed loans instead? Make us debt free,” one Lovato’s fan tweeted.

“It’s never ok to leak ANYONE’S nudes, but demi lovato has been open with the world about her mental struggles so why the fuck would u do that to her? that’s so damaging,” another wrote. “Like what in YOUR sick brain tells u to hack her snapchat and post that? so not cool, u should be ashamed.”

“Why do people think it’s ok to hack celebrities and leak their private photos? Demi Lovato deserves so much better than this. We love you, Demi,” one fan tweeted.

Who hack the demi lovato’s snapchat account tried to direct lovatos fans to join group on “discord”, and the culprits posted multiple nude photos there there before they were deleted.

The hacking group has taken responsibility for recently taking over Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s account and have been connected to a nude photo leak of Chloe Grace Moretz.

The Demi Lovato Snapchat nude pics  were deleted but she what will be with her other social account’s in future. She will definitely alert now and make her all social accounts more protected.

Few days, Australian Cricketer Shane Watson Instagram were also hacked and some nude pics were posted, before the account recovered and all nudes were deleted and he appeared to his instagram account and apologize to his fans.

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