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Top Facts about Michael Jackson Beat it Song.


Beat it Song-The world was gifted with a sensation on the 29th of August, 1958. Michael Jackson was born in Indiana, the U.S. We all know the great legend Michael Jackson and how many amazing songs he has given us. Michael Jackson is known as the ‘King of pop.’ He was known as the most cultural figures of the 20th century. He was the most amazing songwriter, dancer, and singer of his time. His all-time best songs include Got to be there, Ain’t no sunshine, My girl, Beat it, Music and me and a lot more. He was a legend of his time who wrote and sang sensational songs which touched the souls of his fans who were all around the world. Everyone adored Michael Jackson for the person he was on and off-screen. He was an amazing person as well as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. His moonwalk dance move is famous worldwide, and no one can do it better than him.

Michael Jackson sadly passed away on the 25th of June, 2005, which was a sad day for the entire music industry all around the world.

Beat it

Out of all the songs and albums, Thriller was the most selling and popular album of Michael Jackson which was released in 1984. The song Beat it was from the album ‘Thriller.’ The song Beat it was released on 14th of February 1983 although it was recorded in 1982, as per the records. The genre of this song is hard rock. This song is 4 minutes 18 seconds long. The songwriter is Michael Jackson himself, and the producer of this album is Quincy Jones, and the co-producer is Michael Jackson.

Fact No.1

Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo in the song Beat it by Michael Jackson. He did it as a favor for Quincy Jones, and he wasn’t even paid for playing the guitar. As per the interviews of the stars, Eddie Van Halen connected to Quincy through Ted Templeman. Eddies band-mates were not in town at that time, so there was no one to restrict him from taking a contract. So, he did this job and told that he does not want to get paid for this. He said in an interview that he thought Michael was an upcoming star and that Michael has a tremendous amount of talent and hard work. He said that he was a musical genius and would be very successful one day, which turned out to be true. Soon after this video, Michael Jackson got ravishingly famous and entered his superstardom.

Fact No.2

Michael Jackson was the first black artist to get hold of regular airplay on MTV. Beat it was the song which helped Michael to spread through his audience as it brought many of Van Halen listeners to the list. The song beat it was the track to bring Michael to the notoriety. This song made him a superstar and increased his audience to a huge amount. A big thanks to Eddie Van Halen who helped Michael Jackson to pump up his video and make it such as success.

Fact No.3

How Michael came up with the name of the song. As Quincy pushed Michael to write something like My Sharona which was a hit for The Knack in 1979. West Side story was 1957 musical starring Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno. The musical was a hit and won several awards. Some of the starting dialogues in the movie was of a scene where some gang members encroached on the rival territory, and the emphasis was taken on the dialogue from that scene, which was Beat it.

Fact No.4

On 2 minutes and 45 seconds in the song Beat it, there is a knocking sound the moment before Eddie starts playing his guitar solo. The rumors say that this was the sound of Eddie’s guitar when he was drunk and mad when he was telling his assistant to go away. On the other hand, the truth is that this sound was intentionally made by Michael Jackson banging on drum. On the credits of Thriller, Jackson is listed on ‘Beat it’ as ‘Drum case beater’ – the noise he made when he banged on the drum case.

Fact No.5

The song Beat it won the Grammy award for Record of the year and The best Vocal Performance in 1983.

The song Beat it won the Grammy award for Record of the year and The best Vocal Performance in 1983.

1.Beat it won the American Music Award for Favorite Rock/Pop Video.

2.Beat it won the American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Video.

Fact No.6

There is a parody done of the song Beat it by Weird Al Yankovic. The name of the parody was ‘EAT IT.’ As many stars refuse people and find it disrespectful to make humorous parodies of their work, Michael Jackson happily permitted Yankovic to make the parody. Yankovic made a video where he was dressed as Michael Jackson but with avid appetite.

Yankovic stated that Michael Jackson had an amazing sense of humor, and he himself permitted him to make the parody with consent.

Fact No.7

Like the best song of the album Thriller, it was later featured in the movie Back to the Future 2 back in 1989. It is a fantasy and science fiction movie which includes time travel.  The song was featured in the movie and was a hit at that time.

Fact No.8

If you watch the video of the song, you will know that it is not just a song, it gives a message to the audience. The U.S Department of transportation used this video as a message to the viewers and to discourage the use of alcohol while driving. It discourages drunk driving. In exchange to the use of this song as a message, Michael Jackson was invited at the White House where he met President Reagan. He wore some pretty interesting clothes there, sequined suit and sunglasses which made quite a nice photo of him with the president.

Fact No.9

The amazing album called 1984 by Eddie Van Halen was on the top number 2 in America for whole 2 weeks, but it was soon replaced from the top spot by the album Thriller. The album Thriller is the second best-selling album in the U.S by sales of $3,000,000. The music video of this song Beat it cost Michael Jackson $150,000 to make after the CBS refused to finance the video for Jackson.

Fact No.10

Michael Jackson, as we know, was a peace lover and hated violence all his life. He wanted to create peace and spread love through his art of music. In the music video of Beat it, he cast about 80 genuine gang members of the quarreling gang, Blood, and Crisps as an attempt to bring peace between them. He thought that working together a good music video might bring peace and friendship between the rivals and his attempt worked to an extent as far as the records show. This shows how tremendously sweet, and peace-loving Michael Jackson was.

Michael Jackson was the legend and also dubbed as ‘King of Pop’ of his time. Sadly, on 25th June 2005, he passed away. Cause of death was a cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson has given us the best songs of all time, and no matter what his songs are about, they always used to touch the souls of the listeners. There was a tremendously huge and wide fan following of Michael Jackson. He was one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Jackson was one of the best-sellers all over the world. Only the album Thriller estimated about 350 million records all over the world.

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