10 Essential Function of Public Health


Public health is the term which is used to protect the public of the society by the government health department. To maintain its responsibility, the government divided it into local health departments so that it can work with focus to improve the health status of the society.

Public health working agenda is very simple. They collect and analyze the whole health condition to know the reason behind it. Later, the public health department, make all possible way to aware the public about their health condition. They make plan, policies and try to support the public to come up from the health hazards which they were facing.

The work of Public Health came to known in society since 1998 by the World Health Organization (WHO). The department worked on the different type of health policy to keep the society population free from various disease or malnutrition. However, in the starting of public health services, their function was to look after the sanitation and other hygiene things. But gradually with the time it also included the responsibilities of various health awareness programs and campaigns in almost all the sectors like environment, education, agriculture, etc.

Let’s get brief information about current Public health services and their essential functions on which the departments are working and getting success in the awareness of the health-related problems. 

The Essential Functions of Public Health

The main work of the public health department is to maintain the hygiene health situation of society. Have a look at the process that how the department works:

#1: The very first work of the department is to collect the information about the health status of the society or the area which is to be covered under campaign. The collection includes all types of health problems, its needs, the environmental needs and epidemiologic.

#2: After collection, the department has to investigate that whatever they have collected is right or not. Does the collected data about health issues, hazards and its effects are serious and it needs some campaign to be recovered? 

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#3: After knowing about the genuine health problems and issue, the very next work of the department was to analyze the needs related to the issue. Analyzing any problem is very important before taking any type of action to it.

#4: This is very important to make people know about their health condition. After getting all the information about the health issues, the public health’s essential function is to inform, educate and make people know about the next step they will take to resolve their problems. Their work is to aware people from all types of hygiene circumstances.

#5: The next work of the department is to plan different policies which can support the community to come up from their health issue. The department also mobilizes the community partnership to get help in solving health problems.

#6: The community support makes the public health to promote their work through various campaigns, events, regulations and various awareness programs. These types of awareness strategies are very much effective and people easily understand the motive of running a campaign.

#7: Various laws were made so that everyone follows the rules which had been made for the safety of the health.

#8: After making laws about health issues, the next work of public health is to connect people and assure the provision of healthcare.

#9: Assure that every work is going with the proper workforce and then evaluate accessibility, effectiveness, and quality of personal and population-based health services.

#10: Get back to their work of research to get some new social issue which they can resolve with the same process as discussed above.

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